Practice Areas

Chronic illnesses: Diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, are all strongly affected by the foods we eat. By making strategic changes can greatly improve not only specific lab values but overall health.

Weight Loss: There are many diet books and philosophies available to those looking to lose weight. Often people have tried many of these books and ideas with only limited success. Working together we can help find the plan that is right for you to reach a healthy, comfortable weight for the long term.

Eating Disorders: I believe in using intuitive eating tools to help each person find a healthy relationship to food and to their own body.

Healthy Digestion: IBS and food intolerance are common complaints these days. Food elimination, correcting intestinal imbalances and improving overall nutrient absorption are all important parts of addressing poor digestion.

Cancer: Managing symptoms and maintaining good nutrition during treatment is an important part of recovery. After treatment establishing a healthy eating plan can improve chances of staying in remission.

Pre and Post-natal nutrition: The needs of women before, during, and after pregnancy are particularly important and can present unique challenges.